Co-located with  CWIEME Berlin at EV Momentum

EV Momentum co located event at CWIEME Berlin

Disruption… Innovation… Technology…

Featuring 40+ speakers and 3 days of insightful sessions, EV Momentum explores the evolution of the developing ‘e-automotive supply chain’, giving you the information you need to make the decisions correct for your business.

Agenda Themes

  • From ICE to EV, a supply-chain reaction: What’s ahead for developing e-automotive supply chains?
  • Breaking the mould: Next generation powertrain design, development and optimisation
  • Fuelling the disruptive automotive era: Energy storage and the great battery vs fuel cell debate – is it still a discussion?
  • Material gains? Feeding the EV’s hungry ambition: Technical breakthroughs, resource challenges and exploring the impact of EV’s ever greater need for raw and advanced materials
  • Charging ahead – wireless to V2G interoperability: Technologies, feasibility and the politics of making a sustainable EV infrastructure a global reality
  • The need to know – EV dynamics: Understanding the global EV market and regulatory landscape
  • Over the edge/beyond the horizon: How the e-automotive space is opening up a traditional industry to new start-ups

Conference programme 

  1. 60 mins
  1. 25 mins

    Berlin - Electrification in action: An on the ground perspective from the city of Berlin.

    Intro from the Chair 

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    eMO logo the Berlin Agency for Electromobility (eMO Berlin)

  1. 20 mins
    ‘The E-Mobility ‘Tipping Point’: When will it happen and what will be the effect?’
    The disruption factor and teardown analysis of hybridisation and electrification on today’s automotive supply chain and business models.
  1. 30 mins

    Challenging the status quo: From solid state to the future of clean-tech mobility

    The first in a series of keynote interviews with those leading the disruption of the automotive, manufacturing and transportation worlds challenging the status quo.

  1. 60 mins

    From induction to PM, reluctance and back again, this series of short talks discusses how the demand for vehicle and wider transportation electrification has pushed the boundaries of motor technology, optimisation and efficiency.

  1. 45 mins

    Collaborate or disintegrate: Is there enough room and potential for battery and fuel cell technologies to co-exist in the market?

  1. 70 mins

    As integrated motor drive technology (IMD) has created powerful electric vehicle traction motor opportunities, this session focuses on the prospects ahead for power train development as well as exploring the impact on the traditional automotive supply chain.

    Talks & perspectives from:

  1. 25 mins
    How the grid's role as a silent player is vital to the automakers on the centre stage.
  1. 60 mins
    Join us for the EV Momentum drink reception in the networking lounge, next to the EV Momentum Theatre, Hall 2.1. Open to all.  
  1. 45 mins
  1. 20 mins
    Solid state 101 – changing the battery status quo
    The key to long term EV viability?
  1. 25 mins

    Join us for a quick coffee and bite in the EV Momentum networking lounge.

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  1. 75 mins

    These next sessions provide insight and discussion on the how the latest advance materials in the electrification space are creating new possibilities in design and production. However, they also raise questions on challenges that may occurs as the EV supply chain increases its reliability on certain materials.

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  1. 20 mins

    Is the drive towards e-mobility creating new material possibilities or adding to supply chain constraints and pushing sustainability out the door in the race for EV mass manufacturing?

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    benchmark minerals logo World Tour Series.

  1. 40 mins

    This session explores the disruption to electrical and automotive value chains and the possibilities for them to collaborate and thrive.

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  1. 25 mins

    From BEV light duty electric vehicles for the off-road and marine sectors to hydrogen fuel cell, heavy-duty electric trucks, this session explores how the optimisation of powertrain design and charging capabilities is combining to make range, efficiency and durability question marks of the past.

  1. 55 mins

    From V2G to wireless charging concepts and potential increases in specific grid component and infrastructure opportunities, this session focuses on both tech and market developments supporting this new area of automotive and grid supply chain collaboration opportunities.

  1. 30 mins

    From start-ups to scale-ups, it’s the new voices, talent and electric machine innovators who are looking to make THE impact on the e-automotive and e-mobility supply chains.

  1. 30 mins

    From track to road – F1 competitive edge influencing the road of EV design and engineering.

    In the chair with...

  1. 75 mins

    CWIEME & EV Momentum Global Awards Reception 

    The CWIEME Global Awards returns this year to showcase excellence from across the electrical engineering and manufacturing industries.

  1. 60 mins
  1. 45 mins

    This series of short, sharp talks examines how e-mobility’s need for new ways of design, realisation and production is breaking new grounds in ways of working.

  1. 20 mins
    Electric mobility as the paradigm shift in an energy infrastructure revolution?
  1. 50 mins

    This session brings talks from the key players in charging technology, from wireless to mobile infrastructure regulation and innovation. Together they discuss and share ideas and potential realities for an integrated electrified transportation ecosystem.

  1. 20 mins

    UBER: Driving low emission mobility & scaling up electrification possibilities
    Exploring the commercial end user market place, opportunities and challenges for those in e-automotive, advanced connected technologies and the wider ev ecosystems.

  1. 30 mins

    From the development of ever more efficient e-powertrains, to the utilisation of AI in AD functions, this session asks the question – are EV and autonomy running on a path of concurrent growth or is autonomy and all it implies, the real disruptor to the automotive ecosystem of today?

  1. 30 mins

    From supercars to new economic possibilities how one man’s electric machine dream became a reality.

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